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Best Dessert Vape Juice UK

Best Dessert Vape Juice UK


As the cold winter months kick in, some people begin to move away from ice and menthol flavours and take a preference to dessert and pudding flavours. Dessert flavours may not be as popular as they once were but there is still a demand for these profiles. Dessert flavours is a broad category that covers e-liquids like doughnuts, jam, cookies, custard, and any other pudding type of flavour. We’ve created a list of all the very best flavours for those with a sweet tooth.  

Blueberry Jam Tart by Jammin 

The award-winning Blueberry Jam Tart by Jammin Vape Co has been recognised as a leading dessert flavour. Its best described as a delicious homemade pastry which has been filled with sweet blueberry conserve. Anyone who likes a fruity dessert flavour should not be disappointed. Blueberry Jam Tart is available in 50ml Jammin shortfills. You can also purchase it in 10mg & 20mg nic salts from the Pod Salt Fusion Series.

Big 5 Kangaroo

From the land down under, Big 5 Kangaroo is a sweet sticky date pudding flavour. The profile in this flavour is unique as it hasn’t been attempted much but it has certainly proved to be a success. The intense nature of Kangaroo allows it to remain consistent without losing flavour as you vape your way down the bottle. As a nic salt, Kangaroo is available in 20mg. A common criticism of high nicotine dessert flavours is that they can taste harsh and earthy. Big 5 have perfected their recipe and you’ll find that even if you vape it in 20mg, it tastes just as smooth as its shortfill counterpart.

Double Donut Vanilla  

Double Donut Vanilla is a warm deep-fried doughnut, infused with a sweet vanilla filling. Anyone who is into their sweet doughnut flavours should give this one a try. A further benefit to this flavour is that even though it offers sweetness, it doesn’t cause your coils to burnout prematurely. It is available in 100ml shortfills 

Kelly Kel’s Peanut Butter Fudge  

Kelly Kel’s Peanut Butter Fudge is simply delicious and rich. That is the best way to describe this flavour. It has the intensity and consistency that you would expect of a premium dessert brand and Future Juice have clearly spent time and dedication, ensuring this dessert flavour is satisfying.

Dripping Desserts Jammy Biscuit

Jammy Biscuit by Dripping Desserts is a great flavour for anyone looking for a sweet strawberry jam flavour with a biscuity base. Give it a try, you may recognise the flavour even if you’ve never vaped this type of e-liquid before.

Concluding Thoughts

You’ll never be short of dessert flavours when it comes to vaping, particular if you sub-ohm. Above are just a few of our favourite dessert style flavours but there are thousands to choose from. If dessert isn’t you regular choice of e-liquid, it can be a nice alternative if you’re getting a little fed up with the same fruity and ice flavours. We recommend opting for a 50ml shortfill if it’s your first time trying this sort of profile. Desserts can be an acquired taste and people either tend to like them or dislike them.

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Dessert Flavours