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Crusher E-Liquids Review

Crusher E-Liquids Review

Introduction to Crusher E-Liquids 

Crusher E-Liquids consist of 10 fruity ice flavours that are ideal for those who enjoy a refreshing and cooling vaping experience. People who miss that smoker's throat hit may also benefit from these because the cooling agent within them gives you a refreshing throat hit.  

Those who used to enjoy Nasty Juice and Fantasi e liquids may certainly enjoy a bottle from the Crusher range. It uses a similar Malysian style icy base that made both Nasty Juice and Fantasi so popular. Unlike Nasty and Fantasi though, Crusher has been produced to be coil friendly. Whilst both Nasty and Fantasi were extremely popular, they were criticized because they used to burn through coils very quickly. This is unlikely to be the case with Crusher.

Flavours to Choose From 

Crusher flavours include: 

  • Blackcurrant Ice - Cold mix of currents on ice 
  • Summer Fruit Ice - A mix of sweet fruits with a cold ice blast 
  • Tropical Ice - The ultimate tropical experience with a cooling ice mix 
  • Mango Ice - Sweet icy mangoes with a cooling undertone 
  • Sweet Kiwi Ice - Pineapple kiwi on ice
  • Berry Burst Ice - A combination of red forest fruits 
  • Peach & Apricot - Fresh peaches and ripe apricots on ice 
  • Bubble Lime Ice - A bubble gum lime mix, topped of with ice 
  • Lemon Ice - The ultimate vapers tongue buster. Frozen lemons with a citrus undertone on ice. 


  • Bottle Size: 120ml
  • E-Liquid Content: 100ml
  • Nicotine Content: 0mg
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Manufacturer: Prohibition Vaping


E-Juice Analysis 

Prohibition Vaping have not really gone innovative with the flavours here but what they have done is perfected all the flavours and added a cooling Malaysian style icy hit to them. All the Crusher flavours are full of intense flavour and it is hard not to be able to taste them even after vaping a whole 100ml shortfill bottle. 

The Lemon Ice is good for those who are suffering from "vaper's tongue". The citrus ice nature of the e-liquid ensures that it resets your taste buds and every e-juice you vape afterwards will taste amazing again. 

Those who enjoy a bottle of Yeti but are getting bored of the flavours may benefit from switching to Crusher because of the similarities of the two brands. They both implement a Malaysian ice base in their juices. That also applies to vapers who want to switch from the Crusher range. Yeti maybe a good alternative. 

Consumers of Crusher can vape this brand with confidence. It is manufactured in some of the best ISO certified labs in the UK and is fully tested to ensure that is safe for consumption. 


The E-Liquid industry is very saturated, and it is extremely hard for any brand to survive in the long run. Crusher may not be the most well-known brand in the industry compared to brands such as Dinner Lady and IVG. It has however built a solid reputation amongst our customers and we find they never seem to get sick of it. Furthermore, we never experience customer dissatisfaction relating to the life of coils during a bottle of Crusher. It certainly seems that Crusher is likely to be here for the foreseeable future with us.


The Crusher range is one of our better selling ranges and never fails to satisfy our customers. If you haven't tried it before and want to get your hands on it, click here! 


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