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You Must Be 18 or Over to Purchase off This Website
You Must Be 18 or Over to Purchase off This Website

Senses By Six Licks | Honest E-Liquid Review

Teased at the Vaper Expo in October 2018, Senses is the latest trio of e-liquids to be released by the award winning brand, Six Licks! Six Licks took the market by storm with their original 5 flavours and then built on that success with Truth or Pear, the Sixth Lick in the Six Licks Range. Six Licks are now known for their pure quality and amazing flavours! Truth or Pear quickly became a record breaker at Dragon Vapour and now holds the top position for being the best selling e-liquid to ever hit the store.  

Senses is brought to us by the mastermind's behind Six Licks and yet again, they've done an amazing job! 


Grappleberry Sense E-Liquid

First to weigh in is Grappleberry, as the name suggests it is a blend of grape and assorted berry flavourings, the initial hit is brimming with sugary grape that soon yields to a mild concoction of berry for a pleasant after taste. If your a grape vaper this is well worth a pick up. We've also found that it does not give that burning taste which most grape flavours do after the first few vapes. The flavourings are also intense and we don't see many people suffering from vaper's tongue with this one. 

Rhubellion Senses E-Liquid

If you're a rhubarb lover, then you must try this one! Rhubellion is a rhubarb and apple e-liquid that has been blended to perfection! First you get the intense taste of rhubarb and when you exhale, you get a fresh apple undertone. Just like Grappleberry, the flavours in Rhubellion are both intense and perfectly matched. 

Perfect Peach Senses E-Liquid

Perfect peach is a refreshing peach flavour which can easily be anybody's all day vape. It isn't too overpowering, nor is it too sweet. It's ideal for people who enjoy a fruity vape without too much ice or menthol. If you do like an icy menthol style vape, simply add ice nic shots to it!  



You can tell Six Licks have hit the nail on the head with this one. They've maintained the quality and standards set by their original lineup, whilst finding new and innovative ways to blend additional flavours.  

(The opinions expressed in this review are those of the reviewer and not those of Dragon Vapour LTD)

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