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The Financial Benefit of Vaping Compared To Cigarettes


Slow and uncertain economic conditions has recently caused large organisations to fold and household incomes continue to struggle in comparison to the cost of living. The uncertain economic conditions has also made job security a concern for many people.   

At the same time, the price of cigarettes has continued to increase with the average pack of cigarettes costing £10.00 a pack now. Switching to vaping could significantly help smokers save their disposable income. Please see the calculations below: 

Cost of cigarettes to a heavy smoker 

  1. Daily Cost = £10.00
  2. Weekly Cost = £70.00
  3. Monthly Cost = £280.00
  4. Yearly Cost = £3650

So on average, if a heavy smoker smokes 20 a day, its costing them around £3650 a year to smoke. This doesn't include the extra cigarettes they may smoke when they go out in the evening or on nights out. Smokers tend to smoke even more when they are out until the early hours of the morning,. 

Cost of vaping 

Let's say you decide to switch to vaping and start off with the PockeX Starter Kit and purchase 3 10ml e-liquids with it. Your starting cost would be £32.00 

Three 10ml e-liquids are likely to last you around a week and cost £10.00 

The coil in your device is likely to last around 2 weeks but most people like to change them after a week. So lets say you change your coil once a week. That will cost you £2.50 a week and even less if you buy your coils by the pack. 

  1. Starting Cost = £32.00
  2. Weekly Cost = £12.50
  3. Monthly Cost = £50.00
  4. Yearly Cost = £682.00 ((12.50*52) + Starting Cost) 
So on average, switching to vaping can save you around £2968 and that is your next holiday paid for. Furthermore, please don't forget the health benefits of quitting cigarettes. You cannot put a price on your health.
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