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The Vaporesso Xtra: An Honest Review

The Vaporesso Xtra: An Honest Review

Introducing the Vaporesso Xtra

The Vaporesso Xtra is a simple and stylish pod system that boasts a 900mAh battery capacity and refillable 2ml pods. Furthermore, unlike some pod systems, the Xtra can be easily switched off and on from the button at the bottom. In addition to this, it has an auto fire system where users simply need to draw to get it activated.

The Vaporesso Xtra is available in 6 different colours for only £22.99! Replacement Xtra pods are available by the pack for £5.50

Vaporesso Xtra


  • Pod Capacity: 2ml
  • Pod Resistance:0.8ohm mesh and 1.2ohm standard
  • Battery Capacity: 900mAh
  • Charging: Supports a 1A Charge
  • E-Liquid: Best with Nic Salts & Standard E Liquids

Vaporesso Xtra



The Xtra’s design is aesthetically pleasing. It fits easy in the palm of your hand and its compact size makes it easier to transport around. The construction itself is solid as well and it does not use a plasticky construction that a lot of other pod systems use. This contributes to the overall durability of the system.

Vaporesso Xtra Pod Kit

Xtra Pods

The Vaporesso Xtra pods come in two different variations; 0.8ohm mesh and 1.2ohm. The 0.8ohm mesh provides a warm and flavoursome experience and can be used with e-liquids up to 70% VG & 30% PG. Typically, like all mesh coils, the wicking capabilities of the 0.8ohm mesh coil are great.

The 1.2ohm pods create a typical MTL experience and are excellent for nic salts and standard e-liquids. Whilst the 0.8ohm pods provide better flavour, the 1.2ohm pods are still capable of producing a flavoursome vape for coils that have a resistance of above 1ohm. These pods maybe better suited for starters who are purchasing the Xtra as a smoking alternative because the draw is like the draw of a cigarette.

In terms of the life of the pods, they generally last anywhere from 1-2 weeks, but you can get the odd one that may last a little longer. A lot depends on batch quality and usage.

Vaporesso Xtra

Battery Life

Vaporesso claimed they literally wanted the Xtra to supply users with extra. This can be seen in its battery life. Most devices this size have a battery capacity of around 300mAh.Vaporesso have gone further and implemented a 900mAh battery within the Xtra. This should last approximately 1 day but that does depend on usage.

The Xtra has a smart battery indicator on the side which helps users to monitor their battery life. It will display the following 3 colours:

  • Green: Fully Charged
  • Blue: Medium
  • Red: Low

You will notice a slight decrease in output as the battery begins to drain.

Vaporesso Battery


The heart of the Xtra is the AXON MINI Chipset. The Axon is a fast firing chipset that creates a smooth and accurate vape experience. Furthermore, its instant firing technology allows for flavour to come through better.

Vaporesso AXON Chipset

Caliburn KoKo V Vaporesso Xtra

The Uwell Caliburn and Caliburn Koko have certainly taken the pod market by storm by providing a simple to use pod system that allows you to re-fill with your favourite e-liquids. The Caliburn Koko is probably the closest competitor to the Xtra. However, the Xtra does have some features that may help it accelerate against the Koko.

Caliburn Koko

In terms of battery life, the Xtra has a far superior capacity. The Koko only has a built in 520mAh battery whereas the extra has a 900mAh capacity. This means you will get better battery life using the Vaporesso Xtra and you will not have to charge it as much. However, Uwell have kind of addressed this issue because the Koko can recharge in 20 minutes.

The Xtra and Caliburn pods do share some similarities. They both have a 2ml capacity and they are both refillable. However, the Caliburn is a top fill and Xtra is a side fill. Both the Caliburn pods and Xtra pods are as good as each generally. However, the Xtra probably has the slight edge on the Caliburn pods because 0.8ohm mesh pods produce better life. In terms of the life of each pod, they both have around the same life. Neither pods have a real leakage issue when the are fresh out the box.

The Vaporesso Xtra has a more solid and durable construction when compared to the Caliburn Koko. This is since the Xtra has a metal body and the Caliburn has a plastic shell.


The Vaporesso Xtra certainly has a place in the vape pod market because of its simplicity and ease of use. It is a great little vape kit for those who are just getting started and for those who now prefer using smaller pod systems rather than larger box mods. The flavour produced by its pods is also very satisfying and even sub-ohm users would appreciate it. Additionally, its an excellent device for nic salts and standard e -liquids.

Vaporesso Xtra

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