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World Cup 2022 - Vaping in Qatar

World Cup 2022 - Vaping in Qatar

World Cup 2022 Qatar & Vaping

If you’re visiting Qatar for the World Cup 2022, you’ll be in for a good time. News recently broke out that alcohol will be banned to most fans within the stadiums. The only exception is for those who have corporate bookings, which will be allowed to enjoy drinks during the matches. However, what’s the situation with e-cigarettes?

Can you Vape in Qatar?

Vapers around the world will be wondering what the laws and regulations are in terms of their e-cigarettes in Qatar. Leave your vape behind! Vaping and the use of e-cigarettes has been banned in Qatar since 2014 and anyone who is caught vaping or bringing an e-cigarette into Qatar can face a fine up to £2200 and 3-months in prison.

How to Get Your Nicotine Hit in Qatar?

Obviously, some vapers maybe anxious visiting Qatar without their e-cigarette. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to return to the use of traditional cigarettes to get your nicotine fix. Whilst you’re over in Qatar, you may be able to find solutions like nicotine pouches and nicotine gum which should easily be able to provide you with your nicotine fix. These solutions may not be the best substitutes for e-cigarettes. 

What to Do in Qatar? 

Outside of the world cup and topics like if you can drink or vape, Qatar is a fantastic place to visit. Things to do in Qatar include:

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World Cup 2022 - Vaping in Qatar


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