Dragon Vapour is proud to introduce our re-imagined CBD range.

Before we get into the details we feel it is important to highlight a few aspects of vaping CBD. The CBD we sell will not get you high! The UK government recognised the use of CBD for its medicinal properties and made its use legal in the UK on the 13th October 2016 

All our CBD products are fully tested and contain no THC. For further information, please click here

WebMD also provide useful information about CBD. Click here to view more. 

CBD Isolate Vs Full Spectrum CBD 

Full Spectrum CBD virtually contains all the cannabinoids that are present in the cannabis plant. For example, CBC,CBG, CBN and hundreds more. These all combine to give you the ‘entourage effect’. This is simply the process of all the cannabinoids working together in the human body to produce a stronger effect by influencing the body in different ways. However, always remember that fully tested CBD will never produce psychoactive effects in the UK because it’s THC content will always be at the minimum UK legal limit.

CBD isolate is simply just CBD alone and you will not experience any sort of “entourage effect”. This can be produced artificially in a lab or by isolating just the CBD from the cannabis plant. Generally speaking, CBD isolate tends to be cheaper than full spectrum CBD. 

Some CBD products also contain terpenes or are terpene infused. E-liquids such as Cali Greens are terpene infused. They tend to have a very citrusy type smell and are the aromatic oils from the cannabis plant. Research has shown that they can potentially promote relaxation and stress relief. For the entourage effect to be fully active, terpenes must be present.  

CBD As A Substitute For Cannabis Addiction 

People who are addicted to smoking “weed” and purchase it from the black market will not generally benefit from switching to CBD because the THC is either extremely low or nil. Therefore, it will not produce any psychoactive effects. People suffering from addiction would be better off seeking specialist advice from health experts who specialise in treating addiction.

Click here if you are suffering from cannabis addiction. 

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