Cubid CBD

Cubid CBD


Cubid CBD uses hemp from Colorado and is extracted using high quality organic practices by some of the best farmers in the world. The farm strongly believes in sustainable business practices and as a result, they use local water sources to grow their hemp plants. 

The high grade quality of the hemp used in Cubid CBD has a high concentration of cannabinoid content which provides a wealth of potential health benefits. 

Full Spectrum & Isolate CBD 

Cubid CBD uses both full spectrum and isolate CBD in its products. Their full spectrum CBD is THC free and used in their skincare products plus their tinctures. These products still maintain their natural terpenes and an array of other cannabinoids. (The Entourage Effect). 

Cubid CBD vape e-liquids all contain CBD isolate. The isolate in Cubid CBD maintains its naturally derived terpenes from the hemp plant, giving it a light & floral scent. The isolate is also over 99% pure broad spectrum CBD derived from Colorado-grown organic industrial hemp. 

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