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Our Retail Stores Are Now Back Open!
Our Retail Stores Are Now Back Open!

Strawberry Lime Frukt Cyder Nic Salt 10ml


Introducing Strawberry Lime

Strawberry Lime literally tastes like your mix favourite strawberry and lime cider but without the headache of having too much. 


  • Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom 
  • Size: 10ml 
  • Strength: 10mg and 20mg 

The Benefits of Nic Salts 

Nic Salts (Nicotine Salts) are derived from the tobacco leaf and allow users of e-cigarettes to benefit from a smoother and more natural vape experience, particularly at higher levels. This is due to the higher acidic levels within the salts. In contrast, freebase nicotine has increased levels of alkaline and this is what contributes to the harsher throat hits.