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You Must Be 18 or Over to Purchase off This Website

Benefits of building your own coils

Coil Building Pros & Cons!

With vapes becoming more and more unique, there are more people who are starting to build their own coils. As you know, all vapes should come with a coil to produce vapor. Most of these coils are already built and included with the vape package. With that being said, coil building is when you take out the pre-built coil and put in a coil you built on your own. 

To build your own coil, the first thing to you must do is figure out which gauge wire you want to figure out and what kind of coil you want to build. There are many different types, including: single, dual, twisted, and Clapton. All of them vary in difficulty and each have different benefits. Once you figure all that out, you can begin building your coil. If you aren't sure how or what exactly you need, there are many tutorials on the internet. 

There are many benefits to building your own coils. The first one is that you will save money. The reason for this is because buying pre-built coils usually costs around £3-£15 for 5-10 coils and when you are building your own, you can buy 100 feet of wire for about £4. The thing to remember is that each coil is around 6cm or so. You will save money because you can make a lot more coils for the same price. If you buy pre-built, you will have to keep buying packs to replace them so you will be spending more money than if you just bought a spool of wire since replacement would be less frequent. 

The next benefit is that you can make your coil how you want it. With pre-built coils, you should use that design but with custom coils, you can make it however you want. For example, say you have been building coils for a while and you figure out that you like using coils that have been wrapped 7 and 8 times. The issue with this is that you might have a hard time finding pre-built coils that are wrapped this many times so you won't have the vaping experience that you want. Another thing is that you might like coils that are twisted or Clapton and you might only be able to find single and dual coils. By building your own coils, you can ensure that you get the same vaping experience every time.

The third benefit is that with pre-built coils, you never know what you're going to get. For example, even if the package is the same, the coils might be made a little bit differently which will make your vaping experience different every time. Another thing is that you don't know how reliable they are. What I mean by this is that, with pre-built coils, some might last a few weeks, a few months, or not work from the beginning. With coils that you build yourself, you'll know that they will work every time and you'll start to know about how long they will last you. This is good because you can be proactive and change the coils before it becomes a necessity. 

The final benefit of building your own coils is that building your own coils gives better flavor and more vapor from your E-liquid. The reason your own coils produce better vapor is because you can make the diameter bigger than pre-built coils. The bigger the diameter, the bigger vapor clouds you will get. The reason is because bigger clouds happen due to constricted airflow, which a bigger diameter will accomplish. This is also true for getting the best flavor. It's the same idea that a bigger diameter constricts airflow which gives a better flavor.

Now that you see the benefits, you can tell that building your own coils have many benefits. They are much better than pre-built coils if you are looking for customization. You can pretty much get your vape exactly the way you want when you build coils yourself. If this is something you're interested in, just look up one of the many tutorials available on the internet or come in store!

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