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You Must Be 18 or Over to Purchase off This Website
You Must Be 18 or Over to Purchase off This Website

Honest Review- GeekVape Creed.


Let me first say I love Geekvape, they make almost perfect products, so what the hell happened with this RTA, its god awful. Their Ammit RTA was amazing, their Blitzen RTA was in my opinion one of the best rebuildables to ever grace the market but this I don't understand, Keep in mind i have been building my own coils and using RTA'S for so many years so I like to think I know what i'm doing but this I cant get my head around you wick to much it burns, you wick to little it burns and leaks, you wick perfectly you get great flavour for the first 10 hits and after that it leaks, burns and then burns some more, this has to be the worst tank to hit the market since the Kylin or Goblin Mini. I would rather stop vaping and stat smoking again, that is how bad I feel this RTA is, And before I get comments below saying "you need to try out different builds" or "you need to change the airflow sections" I did all of that and none of it made a difference, this RTA is utter crap.


  • Huge capacity 4.5 ml strait glass 6.5ml bubble glass
  • Sleak design
  • Huge filling ports
  • Very airy 
  • Not that loud


  • Leaks
  • Grub Screws
  • Air flow parts are useless
  • flavour is muted
  • Awful design


Please don't get me wrong Geek vape as a company are amazing but this isn't one of their best RTA's. 

(All oppinions in this article are those of the reviewer and not those of Dragon Vapour LTD)

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