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You Must Be 18 or Over to Purchase off This Website
You Must Be 18 or Over to Purchase off This Website

Honest review on the GeekVape Nova mod


So here we go again, yet another mod claiming to have the fastest firing chip, surprisingly enough its not Smok making these claims it's Geekvape.

GeekVape statement:

The geek vape nova mod claims to have a "10 millisecond pick up speed and unmatched power", they also claim to have a brand new AS chip on the inside what offer maximum protection and first grade safety features.The aesthetics of the nova mod are stunning, no one can deny that it is a beautiful looking device and the resin side plates really look the part and only weighing 20g (without batteries) makes this device a light weight and compact device.

First thoughts: Cons

O.K as much as i love GeekVape I do believe they have royally screwed the pooch on this mod and I shall explain why.

Lets start with the buttons on this device, i'm not very happy about how squishy the buttons are on this device(I know a lot of people with think i'm being really nit picky). there is a fine line between resistance and utter crap, unfortunately the buttons are way to squishy for me. 

The aesthetic design is pretty but how well will it fair against being taken in and out of your pocket? I'm a big fan of resin on devices but how soft the resin is on the sides of this device are way to soft and i can imagine that a few times in and out of your jeans the colour will fade or scuff.

Apparently this is a new AS chip, to me its the same chip as the Aegis legend and the geekvape Blade. I do not dispute that it is a great chip-set but to me re branding a pre existing chip is not innovation

The pick up time is not 10 milliseconds, I have no idea were they got that number from but god damn they royally miscalculated it!

First Thoughts: pros

Using the aegis legend and Blade chip was a very good idea, its a hard hitting and very well designed chip, i know this is a very small detail but its a valid point!

The center 510 design seems to be a running theme with GeekVape right now and you know something? IT WORKS! why change what isn't broken? the 510 pin is gold plated and spring loaded and is very well made.

The screen is full colour and you can choose from 2 colours (red/blue) with a click of a button.

The look of this mod is beautiful and so is the feel of it, I have really big hands and it fits perfectly in my palm  (no pun intended).

Who is this mod for?

This mod is for those who love the look of resin mods but don't want the high price point, being only £54.99.

I gave the chipset a lot of backlash in this review but don't get me wrong its a fantastic chip, i just think calling an old chip new is just wrong.


The opinions expressed in this review are those of an individual, not those of Dragon Vapour LTD !!!


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