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You Must Be 18 or Over to Purchase off This Website
You Must Be 18 or Over to Purchase off This Website

How To Know When To Change Your Coil

What is a coil? 
In simple terms, a coil is the burning element within your tank/RTA/RDA which turns your e-liquid into vapour so that it can be consumed. The average life of a coil is around 2 weeks, however this can vary depending on usage, batch quality and the type of e-liquid used within your tank. If you are a heavy vaper or a person who uses e-liquids that are high in sucralose, we recommend that you change your coil once a week. When a coil burns out, it simply needs to be replaced with a new one. Dragon Vapour is always willing to change coils on behalf of customers if they feel uncomfortable or unsure about how to change them. 

When to change a coil? 

A coil needs changing when the cotton within the coil burns out. Typical signs of this include: 

  • A burning taste when you attempt to vape 
  • Cotton within the coil turns black 
  • E-liquid discoloration 
  • Leaking atomizer 
  • Constant spit back 

Your vaping device may also display a message similar to "No Atomiser". For devices without a screen, the battery light button may just flash a few times when you attempt to go for a vape and not produce any vapour. These can all be signs that your coil has come to end of its useful life. 

How to preserve the life of a coil:

  • Use e-liquids that have a low or zero sucralose 

  • Ensure you use the correct e-liquid for your coil. The general rule is: 
    • For MTL coils that have a resistance above 1.0, use 50/50 e-liquid or an e-liquid with a slightly higher PG content compared to VG. For example, 60% PG and 40% VG.
    • For sub-ohm coils with a resistance below 1.0, use high VG e-liquids with a VG content above 60%. 

  • Try not "chain vape" all the time- whilst some coils can handle chain vaping well, the majority don't and can't soak back up in time for your next immediate vape. 

  • Don't let your tank run out of e-liquid and keep it topped up- A lot of new coils now display the minimum level e-liquid can run in your tank before it needs topping up. 
  • Ensure your new coil is primed properly- This is crucial and can determine the overall lifetime of your coil.

How to prime a coil:

Priming your coil thoroughly is crucial and can determine how long your coils lasts before it needs changing. In some cases, if a person has not primed their coil, it can burn out straight away. Follow the steps below: 

  1. Soak all the cotton around your coil and put a drop or two down the middle of your coil onto the cotton.
  2. Fit your coil into your tank and put the tank back together. 
  3. Fill your tank up with your e-liquid. 
  4. Take 4 or 5 big dry hits. Dry hits are when you don't press the fire button on your device and just inhale. This allows your e-liquid to soak up into your cotton.
  5. Leave your device to sit for 5-10 minutes.
  6. Starting from a low wattage, start using your device and slowly bring it up to the recommended wattage.  

Please Note, all coils are batch produced and not every individual coil is tested for quality. Some coils can be faulty and burn out straight away or be dead on arrival. 

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