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You Must Be 18 or Over to Purchase off This Website

Surviving the summer heat-Dragon Vapour

It’s summertime!

Summer is a great season filled with beach vacations and other outdoor adventures.
It’s also great weather for vaping as you take a long walk with your family, read in your garden chair or tan at your favorite beach with your friends.

BBQ-ing? Grab your vaporizer.

chilling in the pool? Make sure you have your vapor cig (away from the water!).

walking in the park? Bring your vape.

Outdoor concert? Get that e-cig on a lanyard ASAP!

Dinner on the patio? Keep that mod handy.

Summer is totally upon us, and this is the season for being outdoors, enjoying the world, and having as much fun as possible!
While summer is a season of extremes, and typically all about having fun, when you vape,
it’s smart to keep a few things in mind for safety and having the best experience when vaping.

Summer vacations and beaching it up are awesome, and totally better when you’ve got your vape pen in hand,
so here are some tips for enjoying your vape to the fullest while the heat is on.


Typically, the sun caressing your skin as you sink your toes into the sand is a welcome treat, but when it comes to e-liquid, the sun and the heat are not your friends.
E-liquid that is left in direct sunlight or in a hot car begins to break down and change flavor.

That’s right, your e-liquid can go from Tropical Fruity Fun to Spoiled Milk Surprise if left in the heat long enough!
The heat not only changes the flavor of the e-liquid, but it can also break down the nicotine,
change the texture of the e-liquid and clog your tank or atomizer. It gets gross quickly.


Don’t leave your vaporizers or batteries in the car. Cars get really hot during the summer months,
and all that pent up heat wreaks havoc on batteries and any devices containing them.
If you want to keep them safe, keep them with you, and keep them cool

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