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The Valyrian 2: The Beast of All Sub-Ohm Tanks

The Valyrian 2: The Beast of All Sub-Ohm Tanks


The Uwell Valyrian 2 tank has hit the vaping scene with extreme power and flavour and some could argue it is now the best sub-ohm tank to ever grace the industry. For Uwell, it is their best sub-ohm tank and easily surpasses the standard set by their original Crown series.

The Valyrian 2 is available to buy for £37.99. A glass extender can be purchased in addition to this to increase capacity to 6ml.

Uwell Valyrian 2


  • Capacity: 2ml (6ml with extender)
  • Filling Mechanism: Top Fill
  • Airflow: Bottom Adjustable Airflow
  • Coils: Valyrian 2 Replacement Coils
  • Drip Tip: 510 Drip Tip
  • Condensation Chamber: Reduces Leakage

 The Valyrian 2: The Beast of All Sub-Ohm Tanks

Key Features 

What Makes the Uwell Valyrian 2 Stand Out?

The Valyrian 2 has managed to stand out in a crowed industry. One of the main reasons for this is because it is capable of firing at high outputs without compromising flavour quality. You can easily run the Valyrian 2 at 90-100W and you will still be able to pick up on all the flavour notes of each e-liquid. Most tanks that claim they can run at higher outputs fail to remind users that they will sacrifice flavour for larger clouds. The Valyrian 2 will give you both flavour and clouds and this is a great achievement by Uwell. 

Valyrian 2 Tank


Uwell have developed the Valyrian 2 to a high standard and it benefits from a condensation within it and this significantly reduces leaking and condensation build up on your mod. The only time leakage will occur is when a coil is at the end of its life or because of user error. Other than that, you will find no leakage with the tank.

Valyrian 2 Tank

E-Liquid Usage

The Valyrian 2 is thirsty when compared to a Cleito tank that operates at 40 watts. However, for a tank that produces such large clouds and operates at such high outputs, it is efficient with the usage. If you have the extender on it, you should not find that you must top it up every second. Your first tank after a coil change may run dry quick but that is because a lot of the juice gets soaked up by the large coils used by the Valyrian 2.

Valyrian II Tank


The Valyrian 2 currently has 4 coils that are available for it. These include:

  • Single Meshed: 0.32ohm – 90-100W
  • Dual Meshed: 0.14ohm – 90-100W
  • Triple Meshed: 0.15ohm – 100-120W
  • Quad Standard: 0.15ohm – 100-120W

The Valyrian 2 Quad coil is the only coil within the series that does not use mesh coil technology. We have found that all these coils can operate 10 watts below the recommended minimum output without any decrease in performance.

The Single Meshed and Quad Coils allow for the biggest clouds because more air can pass through them. The dual and triple coils provide a slightly tighter drag than the other two options. The Single Meshed coil does seem to be a favourite amongst Valyrian 2 fans, followed closely by the dual meshed variation.

The average life of these coils does depend on usage; however, users can expect them to last around 1-2 weeks. This is also dependent on batch quality and how they have been prepped before usage. All coils come supplied in a pack of 2.

Uwell Valyrian 2 coils

Cloud Chasers

The Valyrian 2 is the ideal tank for cloud chasers and tricksters. The dense production of thick clouds that are full of flavour make the Valyrian 2’s performance just as good as an RDA or RTA. Tricksters will have no problem showcasing their skills with this tank.

Valyrian 2 Clouds

E-Liquid Compatibility

The Valyrian 2 is a traditional direct to lung tank and can easily handle juices from 70%VG/30%PG onwards with a maximum strength of 6mg. Any juices that are higher in PG or nicotine will not perform well with this device and users can expect harsh throat hits and leakage.

The Valyrian 2: The Beast of All Sub-Ohm Tanks

How Does the Valyrian 2 Compare to Other Tanks?

The Valyrian 2 may well have earned itself a place at the top of the market for sub-ohm tanks. Its closest competitor is probably the Falcon King tank by Horizontech. The Falcon King certainly dominated for a while, but has the Valyrian 2 overtaken now? In terms of popularity, you may find that users are still glued to the Falcon King and the Falcon King certainly received more of a push than the Valyrian 2 in terms of publicity and media attention. This is not surprising because the original Falcon was a breath of fresh air for sub-ohmers when it was introduced. It was also first tank to utilise bamboo and flax fibre. The Valyrian 2 brings nothing new in terms of coil technology but rather perfects the technologies already out there and we can comfortably conclude that users will almost certainly prefer the Valyrian 2 if they are chasing flavour and clouds.

The Valyrian 2 does have a slightly higher price tag than most sub-ohm tanks but the higher quality also seems to shine through with it.

Falcon King by Horizontech

The Original Valyrian v Valyrian 2

The Original Valyrian tank certainly sparked some hype at the time and a lot of users thought that the Valyrian overtook the Crown Series at the time. Uwell also went a step further and released the Valyrian with a variety of pins that could adjust the airflow. Despite producing good quality flavour and decent clouds, the Valyrian had one major drawback and that was the life of the coils. Users frequently complained the coils burnt out quickly. In addition to this, there was only two coil options for it. Uwell have addressed this with the Valyrian 2 and coil life is significantly better now, and this accompanied by better quality flavour. Furthermore, users can choose from 4 different col variations.

Valyrian by Uwell



A lot of users of the Valyrian 2 tank will say that it is the best sub-ohm tank to date, and this is hardly surprising. It is extremely hard for tank to operate at higher wattages whilst maintaining flavour and reducing leakage. Uwell have managed optimise all three performance factors with the Valyrian 2 and it would be hard for someone to justify why this tank should not be at the top of the sub-ohm industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Coil is Best for Valyrian 2?

The answer to this question is very much subjective and depends on user preference. Some users prefer favour the quad coils over the other three variations as the quad coils use standard wire, rather than meshed strips.

What Coils are Compatible with the Valyrian 2 Tank?

The Valyrian 2 & Valyrian 2 Pro are compatible with the Valyrian 2 coils.

How Long Does a Valyrian Coil Last?

It would be hard to put an exact number on the life of a Valyrian 2 coil. It all depends on batch quality, usage, type of e-liquid and how the coils are setup prior to first time usage.

What is the Best Wattage for a 0.32 Ohm Coil?

Uwell recommend that the 0.32 Ohm single meshed Valyrian 2 coil has an operating range of between 90W to 100W. Coil guidance can be found on the coil packs and on the coil itself.


The Valyrian 2 & Valyrian 2 Pro have now been discontinued following the release of the new Valyrian 3 tank. The Valyrian 3 tank features a more stylish and elegant finish and continues to make use of the Valyrian 2 coils whilst also supporting the new Valyrian 3 coil variations. To find out more, click here

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