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Uwell Caliburn Pod System: The Juul Killer ?


The Uwell Caliburn has rocketed in sales since arriving at Dragon Vapour. Customers love the fact that it is portable, refillable and ascetically pleasing. It also doesn't break the bank balance, coming in at £24.99! The kit comes with 2 pods and a USB cable. Will the Uwell Caliburn spark the end of the infamous Juul Pod System?   


Features  Juul Pod System   Uwell Caliburn 
Battery Capacity 200mAh  520 mAh
Pod Capacity 0.7ml 2ml 
Output 6.5W-9W 11W
Refillable  Non-Refillable Pods  Refillable Pods
Dimensions  8.72cm x 9.48cm

110 mm × 21.2 mm



Battery Capacity 

The Uwell Caliburn Kit has a larger battery capacity compared to the Juul Pod System meaning that it will last you longer before it needs charging. On average, our customers say the Caliburn is lasting them about a day however it does depend on usage. 

Pod Capacity 

The Caliburn pods hold 1.3ml more e-liquid than the Juul pods and the Caliburn pods are also refillable with whichever nic salt or 50/50 e-liquid you desire to use. On the other hand, official Juul pods are non-refillable and restrict you to only a handful of flavours. They also only come in 20mg nic salt strength meaning its difficult to bring your nicotine strength down. One way around this is to use the non-official J-Pods which are refillable Juul compatible pods.  

One thing to bear in mind is the cost of using both devices. Juul pods come in a pack of 4 with a total of 2.8ml of e-liquid for £9.99. On the other hand, you can get a 10ml juice for the Caliburn as cheap as £2.99 making it considerably cheaper. A pack of four pods for the Caliburn comes to £10.99 and the pods last roughly for a week or 2.

Power Output 

Juul Labs do not disclose the power output of the Juul pod system but we believe it roughly has an output of 6.5W to 9W. The Uwell Caliburn has an output of 11W meaning its slightly more powerful than the Juul Pod System. This generally results in a slightly stronger nicotine hit (assuming you use 20MG nic salt in the Caliburn Pods) and increased liquid usage. 

Size & Dimensions 

The Juul Pod System is slightly smaller than the Caliburn Pod System which makes it a little more portable. However, the differences in the size makes little to no difference in reality. 


Both the Juul & Caliburn Pod Systems have a lot to offer. From one aspect, you could argue that Juul is a lot simpler to use because you don't need to refill the pods and worry about the pods burning out. On the other hand, the Caliburn is a lot more flexible and has a lot more to offer and you're not just restricted to a hand full of e-liquids. 


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