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Xtar Dragon Charger-Honest Review

Well Xtar have released the Dragon charger and let me say it does it's job and does it well!

This charger (like many others) allows you to charge different types of batteries, including AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D cells and many more. What makes this charger different from the rest? It will bring your batteries back to life (to a certain extent), That's right your batteries that are completely dead may have another lease on life with this charger.


  • Charges 4 batteries at once at 1A
  • Charges the 2 end bays at 2A
  • Allows you to charge LIPO batteries
  • Charges via the USB
  • Comes with a car adaptor
  • Beeps when the batteries are charged or reversed
  • Full LCD display
  • Handy carry case


  • It's bulky
  • Confusing

In conclusion this charger is easily the best charger on the market but its at a cost, £70 rrp is a little steep but well worth it if you are an enthusiast vaper or a mech mod user.

(The opinions in this review are those of the individual and are completely subjective)

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