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Aspire E-Cig: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aspire a Good Vape Brand? 

Aspire is a leading hardware supplier founded in 2010 in Shenzhen. Since their establishment, Aspire have developed a reputation of providing reliable hardware solutions that all users can trust. Whilst they cater to all aspects of the worldwide vape industry, many would regard them as the masters of mouth to lung vaping with the legacy of the Nautilus Series at the heart of the MTL sector. They are also responsible for the immense success of the PockeX, one of the longest serving starter kits that has a loyal following and never seems to slow down. 

Which is The Best Aspire Vape?

This is a subjective question and depends on a variety of factors. If you are new to vaping, the Aspire Favostix or Minican Pod System maybe the best option. If you want a more powerful sub-ohm type experience, the Aspire Rhea and Cleito Tank could be a good option. 

Where is Aspire Made? 

Aspire Ecig has official stockists worldwide and all their products originate from the global technology hub, Shenzhen, China. 

Is the Aspire PockeX any Good?

The Aspire PockeX is perhaps one of the best selling starter kits worldwide. This simple AIO kit provides an easy solution for new starters and for those who want a no-frills mouth to lung experience. The popular 0.6ohm PockeX coil provides the perfect balance between cloud production and flavour. It can also be used in the Nautilus X and Nautilus XS. 

Is the Aspire PockeX Mouth to Lung? 

The Aspire PockeX has two coil variations; 0.6ohm and 1.2ohm. The 0.6ohm provides a more powerful restricted direct to lung experience. On the other hand, the 1.2ohm option creates a traditional mouth to lung experience. Both variations can be used with 50/50 e-liquids with a maximum nicotine strength of 20mg. Users may be able to use 60VG/40PG e-liquids with the 0.6ohm coil, however, they should expect a slightly reduced coil life. In general, we wouldn't advise using a higher VG e-liquid (70/30) with any PockeX coil. 

What is the Difference Between Aspire K3 & K4? 

The Aspire K1 and K2 series utilise the Aspire BVC coils which were Aspire's original MTL coils. The K3 range make use of the Nautilus coils. The K1,K2 & K3 collections are mouth to lung solutions and are perfect for new starters. The K4 Quick Start Kit is Aspire's entry level sub-ohm device which adopts the use of the original Cleito Tank. Unlike most sub-ohm kits, the K4 can be used by beginners and does not require advanced knowledge of vaping. Be sure to stick to high VG e-liquids with a maximum nicotine content of 6mg.