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E-Liquid Safety & TPD Compliance


The recent headlines about the supposed vape related deaths in the USA has sparked a lot of public concern about the potential health impacts of vaping. However, ministers in the UK have confirmed that vapers are indeed safe in the UK and that regulations in the USA are lacking behind the UK. The vape related deaths in the USA  are believed to have been caused by THC cartridges purchased on the black market and like anything bought from the black market, the users are unaware of the ingredients that have actually been used to create the end product. Furthermore, the product is unlikely to have been tested to see if it is fit for human consumption. These are just a few reasons as to why you should never buy from a source that is unknown or not registered. Always stick to trusted and well known brands.   

The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) 

Nicotine containing products are regulated by TPD. TPD regulations state the following: 

  • All E-Liquids that contain nicotine are restricted to 10ml
  • Nicotine strength is capped at 20mg 
  • All tanks/atomisers must have a max capacity of 2ml  
  • E-Liquid bottles must have childproof caps 
  • E-liquid packaging must include warnings and informational leaflets 
  • Nicotine warning stickers must be used

These are only some of key points from TPD. 

All E-liquids that contain nicotine must also be tested and submitted to MHRA to ensure that only certified ingredients are used within them. TPD outlines to manufactures a list of ingredients that are considered safe and that can be used in e-liquids. Any deviation from this can land producers in serious trouble with the law, especially if an illness or adverse reaction is caused by the consumption of that e-juice. 

Are Shortfills Exempt From Regulations? 

There is a false belief in the vaping world that shortfills are exempt and free from regulations. Whilst TPD may not cover shortfills, they are still covered by consumer laws. The existence of consumer law means that any product that is for human consumption must be tested to ensure that that is safe for human consumption. As e-liquids are produced to be vaped and consumed by humans, they still have to comply with consumer laws. As a result, shortfills still need to be tested and submitted to MHRA. This is the reason why all the big and premium manufactures invest in getting their products tested and fully compliant. Shortfills that are not tested can be ceased by Trading Standards, 

How To Find Out If An E-Liquid Brand is Compliant 

To find out if an e-liquid brand is registered and tested, please click here

The Deal at The Dragon 

Dragon Vapour Ltd takes it's duty of care and compliance with regulations very seriously. All brands stocked by Dragon Vapour will only be trusted brands from reputable sources. All E-liquids stocked by Dragon Vapour have been tested by the manufacturer. Dragon Vapour will never supply individuals under the age of 18.