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SMART Detection: Vaping Defined

What is SMART Detection? 

SMART Detection, also known as SMART Mode and Auto Coil Detection is a great feature to prevent earlier coil burnout via incorrect wattage settings. When SMART Detection is active, your device will automatically process the resistance of your coil and set the appropriate output settings. It usually sets your wattage at the middle of your coil wattage range. For example, if your coil has a wattage range of between 40W-60W, the device may set your wattage to 50W. Some devices, such as the VooPoo Drag Mod Pod Series, may even prevent a user from trying to take their wattage above the recommended wattage for any particular coil. You may see a message such as "Max Power" displayed on your device. 

SMART features are a great addition to vape devices as the level of knowledge required by a user is not so complex now. However, even for experienced users, these features are a great addition. For example, when SMART mode is active, you are less likely to accidentally set your wattage too high if a button is pressed whilst a device is in your pocket. 

It's important to note that some manufactures may only optimise SMART settings around their own particular coils. If you decide to change your tank or pod to a different brand that uses different coils, you may need to deactivate any active SMART settings. If you need help with this, refer to the user manual or contact us. 

SMART Settings have proved to be very popular and are now used by leading brands such as SMOK, VooPoo, OXVA and Aspire. 


  • Fantastic for Starters & New Users 
  • Prevents Early Coil Burnout 
  • No Need to Memorise Coil Wattage Range


  • Brands Sometimes only Optimise SMART Settings for Their Own Coils 
  • A Faulty Ohm Reader Can Set Incorrect Wattage*

*A faulty ohm reader nearly always requires a new device, regardless of SMART mode.