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About Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape @ Dragon Vapour
Founded in 2012, Vampire Vape is a leading manufacturer owned by the Flavour Warehouse Group. Starting with just 12 flavours, Vampire Vape has grown into perhaps the biggest and most recognised e-liquid brand across the UK. Their range is ever growing and features over 54 different flavours. When people think of them, both Heisenberg and Pinkman come to mind. These revolutionary flavour profiles created a new standard that all e-liquids are now benchmarked against and both flavours continue to support a loyal and committed customer base.
Vampire Vape may have the biggest following in terms of standard 10ml flavours but they have also adapted the brand itself so you can find them in shortfills and nic salts. Their shortfill and nic salt range may not be as big as their standard series but still features some of their best sellers.
For those who prefer to mix their own flavours, Vampire Vape also offer a large selection of concentrates. 
Our Top Picks 
This infamous fruity, menthol and aniseed mix is not one to be missed. Heisenberg has won numerous awards in recognition of its quality and loyal customer base. 
Vampire Vape Heisenberg
An all day fruity mix loved by vapers across the UK 
Pinkman Vampire Vape
Ice Menthol
A simple menthol flavour that offers a chilling vape experience 
Vampire Vape Ice Menthol
Smooth Westen 
A traditional tobacco flavour, ideally suited to people who want a more traditional flavour experience or those who are new to vaping. 
Smooth Western Vampire Vape