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Carry On Nicotine Pouches

by On!
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  • Small, discrete tobacco free nicotine pouch 
  • Available in a variety of flavours 
  • Unique packaging with built in disposal compartment 
  • 20 pouches per can 
  • Manufactured in Sweden 

Nicotine pouches can also be a good way to compliment vaping. For example, if you spend a lot of time in an environment that does not allow vaping, you can use nicotine pouches to satisfy your nicotine cravings. 

Why Nicotine Pouches 

Unlike e-cigarettes and cigarettes, nicotine pouches can be used in any environment and do not create any vapour or smoke. 


Carry on nicotine pouches are available in 3mg & 6mg. A new user who is looking to quit smoking should start on 6mg if they are a heavy smoker. 

How to Use
  1. Place the pouch under your lip, against the gum 
  2. Use up to 20 minutes, anytime, anywhere 
  3. Disregard the used pouch in the disposal compartment. Disposal should be done in a way that is compliant with local regulations and laws.