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You Must Be 18 or Over to Purchase off This Website
You Must Be 18 or Over to Purchase off This Website

B.O.W the Honest review!


These liquids are made by a new up and coming brand BOW ( Bio Organic Weapon), at first glance the artwork looks amazing! They have a really nice shine and gloss effect to them. They use the brand new grey frosted Chubby Gorilla bottles what have a very well made feel to them and easy pop off caps.


OK, so at first taste i got a beautiful hit of blue raspberry, the ice side of it is very misleading its not the normal WS-23 is SPEARMINT!!! I'm not going to lie it took me by surprise, I was expecting it to be very similar to Dr frost or Crusher ice but I was nicely surprised. there isn't enough e-liquid now a days that contain spearmint (of course its all subjective). The only issue i found with the blue raspberry is about 3/4 down the bottle i couldn't taste it! Keep in mind its a 120 ml bottle so I didn't find it too disappointing.


As I've said above the spearmint is a nice surprise but the grape that is used in this liquid is so sweet and flavorsome the sweet hit of grape with that beautiful spearmint exhale is exactly what was missing in my life. I also didn't find it to loose the flavour at all it seemed to say till the end


So green apple ice is the profile on this one, I wasn't expecting much from this flavour but GOD DAMN did it taste good!!! Yet again this is still a spearmint base but the tartness of the green apple really set this e-liquid off and made it my personal favorite out of all 3 of these flavours. Unfortunately I couldn't finish all of the bottle, I couldn't taste this after 3/4 of the bottle. 


  1. Amazing on your coils
  2. Great flavour
  3. Due to it being 70VG/30PG you get great vapour production
  4. Stunning artwork 
  5. Very clear and well written warning on the side of the bottle


Due to it having the spearmint base its a very acquired taste and many people may not like it, so if you are a fan of menthol or anything cold give it a bash.

(All the views and opinions in this review are those of the author and not those of dragon vapour ltd)

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