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You Must Be 18 or Over to Purchase off This Website
You Must Be 18 or Over to Purchase off This Website
Fake and replicated geek bars

How to Spot a Fake Geek Bar


The Geek Bars have taken the worldwide vape industry by storm with millions being sold around the globe. Users immediately took to them due to their simple experience, compact size and good flavour quality. Geek Vape themselves have struggled to keep with up with demand with wide spread shortages being reported through all official channels. Unfortunately, and due to this popularity, the black market for Geek Bars has been on the rise with a number of fake and replica Geek Bars being reported in circulation in the United Kingdom. These replicas are usually cheaper and contain inferior ingredients, some of which can be harmful. The batteries contained within these replicas are also likely to be cloned battery cells.

At Dragon Vapour, we only ever purchase stock from reliable, traceable, direct and official channels, therefore, you’ll never find these replicated and fake products at any of our stores or online. Our trade partners have sent us some guidance on how to spot a fake Geek Bar.

How to Spot a Fake Geek Bar

Incorrect Colouring

Fake Geek Bar


Fake Geek Bar

Incorrect Font

Fake Geek Bar

Invalid Barcode

Fake Geek Bar

Non Official Packaging  

Fake Geek Bar


Geek Bar Pro by Geek Vape  

The Geek Bar Pro Disposables are illegal under UK TPD laws and should be avoided. They exceed the maximum nicotine and capacity levels permitted in the United Kingdom. Its also likely these have been imported into the UK via unofficial channels. The same applies to other disposables. Any disposable that is above 20mg and has more than 600 puffs is likely to be illegal and in unofficial circulation in the UK. These should again be avoided. 

To get the best possible experience with vape products, only purchase them from a reputable and established seller.

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