Online Price Matcher

Our Online Price Match Guarantee

We want to bring our customers the best possible value in every way. Our price match guarantee is exclusive to our online store and we will match any vape store on like for like products. For example, same model, e-liquid, colour and size. 

Simply create an account and email us the proof at 

Price Match Conditions 

  • We will not match sellers on eBay, Amazon, Facebook or any other non-official vape retailers and auction sites. 
  • We will only match RRPs and not sale or deal prices. 
  • We will only price match VAT registered vape retailers. 
  • We will only price match vape retailers that are registered under the Companies House for England and Wales. 
  • We will only match in GBP. 
  • We will not match replicas or fakes. 
  • We will only price match on like for like products: 
    • Same model
    • Same brand 
    • Same colour 
    • Same addition 
  • We reserve the right to refuse any price match. 
  • Abuse of our price matcher can result in account suspension or deletion. 
  • If we feel the proof isn't sufficient, we will reject the price match. 
  • The product must be from a UK retailer. 
Please note, our price matcher cannot be used in store and is exclusive to our online store.