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Shortfills - Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use Shortfills? 
Simply add your nicotine shots, give your bottle a shake after closing the lid and start vaping. Remember, the longer nicotine shots have to steep, the better the nicotine will level out. If you prefer to vape without nicotine, you can start vaping your shortfills straight away.  
Can you Vape a Shortfill without Nicotine? 
Shortfills can be vaped with or without nicotine. If you vape it without nicotine, you'll find the flavour is a little stronger as you haven't diluted it with flavourless nicotine shots. 
If you are using nicotine shots and don't want to compromise any flavour, simply use a nicotine salt or standard e-liquid version of the flavour you are vaping. For example, if you choose to vape Six Licks Truth or Pear in 100ml and want to keep your flavour stronger, simply add 2 x 20mg Six Licks Salts Truth or Pear. This will achieve an overall strength of 3.3mg. Keep in mind though, not all shortfill brands so nic salts or standard e-liquids. 
Can you Get 50 50 Shortfills? 
The market for 50/50 shortfills hasn't really become popular. Most of the time, when people are vaping 50/50 or nic salt e-liquids, they are vaping at higher nicotine strengths and adding nicotine shots to a shortfill to create a 12mg or 18mg would simply make that flavour too harsh. Furthermore, the flavour would dilute too much. 
For those on lower nicotine strengths, we do offer A-Steam 50ml 50/50 shortfills. 
How Much Nicotine Shots Do I Need? 
Refer to our guides on our shortfill product pages. 
How Long Do Shortfills Last? 
Shortfills are a lot more cost effective than TPD compliant 10ml bottles. The cost per ml is much lower. How long a shortfill lasts someone depends on how much they vape, the size of the bottle, the tank being used and the output settings of your device. 
What is Shake & Vape? 
Shake & Vape is simply another term for shortfill e-liquids.  
Feel free to contact us for your specific queries!