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Vape Starter Kits

See our range of vape starter kits

Are you looking to quit smoking and start vaping? Do you want to trial vaping and see if it’s for you? Maybe you’ve had some experience vaping in the past and would like to commit to buying your first kit?

At Dragon Vapour our vape starter kits are a great way to start vaping without spending too much money

Whilst vaping may seem a little daunting at first, the reality is that it’s both enjoyable and easy to do. The best way to get started with vaping is by investing in a starter kit to ease you into the method of vaping, and we offer a range of options.

The Innokin T18-X Kit is a great option for beginners as it’s sleek, stylish and easily fits into hands, pockets and bags. This kit keeps it simple, straightforward and offers an easy way to get used to the art of vaping. It comes in colours such as stainless steel, black, navy blue, teal, crimson, violet and yellow and is just £19.99.

As well as vape starter kits we also have a range of advanced kits for those that wish to improve their vaping experience. Our website is also home to vaping products such as e-liquids, tanks, RTAs and RDAs, mods, replacement coils and pods, batteries and chargers and many more accessories.

Whatever you need when it comes to vaping, turn to Dragon Vapour today.