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ELFA Bar by Elf Bar

by Elf Bar
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Designed to reduce battery wastage and increase environmental friendliness, the ELFA Bar by ELF is a closed pod system that allows users to recharge their device whilst only disposing of the closed pod cartridges. A pre-filled Blue Razz Lemonade 20mg Pod is supplied with every ELFA Bar. When it is time to replace that pod, you are free to choose from 13 different ELFA pod packs which are all the same as the popular ELF Bar flavours.

The ELFA Bar features a built in 500mAh battery, type C charging, 2ml pre-filled flavoured nic salt content, 20mg nicotine salt strength, auto draw activation and 6 different colours.

The ELFA Bar and Elf Bar are pretty much the same device. The biggest differences are that the ELFA Bar can be recharged, and you only replace the pod cartridges on the ELFA bar, rather than the whole device, thus reducing battery wastage. Please note, ELFA pod cartridges should still be disposed in a way that is environmentally friendly,

A common criticism of disposable vaping is the cost. Disposable vape systems are significantly cheaper than traditional cigarettes but more expensive than standard, refillable vape device. The ELFA Bar provides a fantastic alternative to the Elf Bar and allows users to enjoy the same flavours as the Elf Bar at a reduced cost. Whilst the one-off cost of the ELFA Bar maybe more expensive than a single Elf Bar, the costs going forward are cheaper. For example, you use one Elf Bar a day over a 7-day period. The average cost of an Elf Bar is around £5.00. Over a 7-day period, that would equal £35 a week. The following week, you decide to purchase an ELFA Bar and vape a single ELFA Bar pod per day. The cost of the system is £9.00 and one pod is supplied with that system. The cost to buy a 2-pack of ELFA Pods is £6.00 and if you’re using one pod per day, that makes your pod cost £3.00 per day. Over your first 7-day period, this would make your cost £30. As you can see, even with the higher initial cost of the ELFA Bar device, you start making savings straightaway in the first week. The costs in the following weeks would be even lower (£21 P/W) as you don’t have the one-off cost of the ELFA pod system.

  • 500mAh Built in Battery
  • 108 x 16mm
  • 2ml Pre-Filled Pod Content (20mg Nic Salt Strength)
  • Rechargeable with a Type C Charger
  • Auto Activated (No Buttons)
  • Integrated Mesh Coil
  • Each Pod Contains Approximately 600 Puffs
  • Mouth to Lung Vape Draw
  • 1 x ELFA Bar by Elf Bar
  • 1 x ELFA Bar Blue Razz Lemonade Prefilled Pod
  • 1 x User Manual

(Type C Cable is Not Supplied)


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