Hammer Of God Version 4 (Black)

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When you open the packaging up and find the legendary logo looking back at you - When you open the doors and add your four 21700 batteries into the loading bays and feel the click of the magnet doors locking it into place - When you press the ULTEM button in and feel all 8.4volts push through your coils and fire up your coils -- YOU KNOW IT'S A HAMMER OF GOD!

HOG V4 Features and Specifications:
- Anodized Aluminum Construction with Updated Design
- Stylish Engraved Trim Accents
- Accepts 21700 and 20700 Batteries
- Parallel-Series Circuit Configuration with Side Loading Bays 
- Dual Magnetic Battery Bay Doors
- Recessed ULTEM Firing Button
- Centered Stainless Steel 510 Threadings with Adjustable Positive Pin
- One shorty wide bore drip tip / One tall boy wide bore drip tip

Package contents:
1 x Hammer of God v4

*Roughly a 2 week wait from when the HOG is ordered and paid for.