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Spend £25.00 & Get Free UK Delivery!

Nitecore Intellicharger i8 Charger

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The Nitecore Intellicharger i8 features 8 battery slots and can charge a huge variety of different cells, including, 18650, 20700 and 21700. All 8 slots are controlled independently and the i8 can automatically detect the state of a cell and select the appropriate level of voltage and mode. Furthermore, the charger also offers reverse polarity and short circuit protection and will indicate any errors with a flashing red light that is above each slot.  

The i8 feature Active Currant Distribution (ACD) which helps efficiently distribute power to each slot. For example, if one battery is nearly fully charged, the i8 will send the current to other slots to help charge other batteries.

To ensure a safe experience with state-of-the-art user protection, the i8 is constructed from fire resistant PC material and has a grill design that allows heat to disperse quicker. This prevents overheating becoming an issue.

Nitecore have designed to the i8 to be user friendly. Whilst it may look complex, it is as simple as the i4 to operate. Users simply need to place their battery cells in the charger and wait for them to charge. A steady red indicator means the cells are being charged and when that indicator turns green, it means your cells are fully charged.

  • All battery slots are independent
  • Compatible with 18650, 20700 & 21700 cells
  • Supports USB output
  • Automatically selects appropriate voltage and modes
  • Supplied with UK 3 Pin Plug
  • Certified by RoHS, CE, FCC & CEC
  • Multiple Modes of Protection

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