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SuperVape VG/PG/AG Base Mixes by Lips

by Lips
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SuperVape VG/PG/AG Base Mixes are perfect for vapers who like to mix their own e-liquids. They are manufactured by Lips in France and utilise high quality raw materials.

  • 120ml Content
  • Manufactured in France
  • 0mg Nicotine
Base Mixes
  • 100% VG
  • 10%AG/90VG%
  • 80%VG/20%PG
  • 50%VG/50%PG

AG = Aqueous Glycerine – This is a great substitute for PG. Some users find they can have an intolerance to propylene glycol (PG). Replace PG with AG to get around this intolerance, especially if you don’t like the thickness of 100% VG base mixes.