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Coronavirus Service Update: Our Stores are Now Back Open & Operating as Usual! Website Also Dispatching As Usual
Coronavirus Service Update: Our Stores are Now Back Open & Operating as Usual! Website Also Dispatching As Usual

Xtar Dragon VP4 Plus

by Xtar
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All four channels can charge the batteries at a charging current of 500 mA or 1000 mA and the two outer bays, channels 1 & 4, have a charging current of 2000 mA when channels 2 & 3 are empty. Simply insert the mains charging lead or car charger (both supplied) into the 12 V input socket on the charger and the other end to a power source.


Once the charger is connected to power you can insert a compatible battery into the charging channels. The LCD screen will display charging stats such as battery type, charging current, charging status etc and a red LED above the charging channel to show charging is in progress. The default charging current is 1000 mA, which can be changing manually by pressing the ‘current’ button just above channel 1. Once charging is complete the Dragon will make a noise to notify you and the LED indicator will go green.

A refresh function fully discharges and then charges your battery in order to maximise the capacity of a NiMH battery and allows you to quickly test the general capacity of a lithium-ion battery. The test function charges, then discharges and then charges the battery again so that you can accurately test the real capacity of the battery. The data is automatically recorded so that you can look back and compare the real and nominal capacity.

As well as being able to charge Lithium-ion type batteries and NiMH/NiCd batteries, it can also charger a 11.1 V / 3S battery back via the dedicated charging port on top of the Dragon that is designed specifically for this battery pack.

Further Information

That’s not all either, the Dragon also includes USB black and red test probes that plug into the top of the charger in the specially designed USB port that is labelled as ‘USB1’ on the charger. Cross the probes over to activate the test function and then the black probe is applied to the negative end (-) of the battery and the red probe is applied to the positive end (+) of the battery. The LCD screen will then alternately display the voltage (V) and the internal resistance (mΩ).

Finally, the Dragon VP4 Plus has the advantage of a USB port power output, so you can use it as a power bank, enabling you to charge phones, MP3 players, etc. The output provided is rated at 2400 mA and is powered by inserting a suitable battery into any of the charging bays and the USB cable from your device into the ‘USB2’ charging port. The LED indicator above the inserted battery will go blue to show battery discharge is in progress.


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