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Product Authenticity


The vape industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The creation of the new and innovative products is constant and the market always has something new to show off. Naturally, like any growing market, there has been an increase in the number of fake, replicated and cloned products. Cloned and fake products are generally sold at incredibly cheap prices by companies and individuals who seek to push them on to the final consumer. These products may look similar in appearance but will lack performance, quality and safety measures. Depending on the type of product, some of these replicates can cause serious damage to health. 

Here at Dragon Vapour Ltd, we take pride in the products we supply and we'll only ever purchase products from a small number of certified and trustworthy channels. This means, any products we supply will be genuine and come with the correct warranties, guarantees and support networks. 

Product Authenticity

Product Authenticity Checks 

A lot of manufacturer's are seeking to protect their brands from fake and cloned products. Click the links below to check the authenticity of your products: 



Geek Vape 





Nasty Juice  

Under Consumer Laws, it is illegal for a trader to sell counterfeit products. Which? provide a handy guide about this matter. Click here to find out more