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Vape Pod Systems: Open vs Closed Pod Kits

Vape Pod Systems: Open vs Closed Pod Kits


The world of vape pod systems has erupted over the last few years with many vapers now turning to pod systems. Pod systems are designed to be both discrete and portable and allow users to carry them round daily with ease. The list of successful pod systems is endless, but the more popular ones include:

Prior to the introduction of pod systems, the market for sub-ohm vaping was booming however many users did begin to criticise sub-ohm devices because they are generally large and bulky. Pod kits like the VooPoo Vinci solved this problem because VooPoo designed it to be small and powerful.

Pod systems are great for both new and experienced users. For new users, pod systems, especially those designed for nic salts allow starters to vape at higher nicotine strengths using nicotine salts and benefit from a more natural nicotine delivery. Furthermore, pod systems are generally easy to use which is better for people who are new and just making the switch to vaping. Experienced and long-term vapers have also started to use pod systems. A big reason for this is because they are portable, and they can also produce a high-quality flavour. Long term sub-ohm vapers who vape lower nicotine strengths tend to place a greater emphasis on flavour and pod systems have certainly not disappointed this sector of the market.

Open Pod Systems vs Closed Pod Systems

The market for vape pod systems can be sub-divided into two sectors:

  • Open Pod Systems
  • Closed Pod Systems

Open and Closed pod systems both have their advantages and disadvantages and users are normally presented with both options at first

Open Pod Systems

Open Pod Systems, such as the Uwell Caliburn allow users to fill their pods with their favourite e-liquids. Some open pod systems require coil changes and others require the whole pod to be replaced. If an open pod system requires coil changes, users will need to change and replace these coils when the coil reaches the end of its life. Similarly, if an open pod system requires pod replacements instead, users will need to change the pod when the coil within it burns out. The average life of a coil is between 1-2 weeks and is heavily depended on the e-liquid used with it, the amount of usage and batch quality.

Benefits of Open Pod Systems

No Messy Coil Changes

If an open pod system requires you to change the whole pod when the coil burns out within it, users are not required to prime their coils in the traditional way, which we all know can get messy. To prime coils that are pre-installed in pods and not removeable, users simply need to put a couple of drops directly onto the wick and then fill their pods up. Once their pods are filled, they must take 4-5 dry hits or dry pulls before first time usage.


Open Pod Systems allow users to use whichever e-liquid they enjoy, and they are not restricted to a specific number of flavours. The only restriction users may find is that their juice must be appropriate for the coil within the pod. For example, the Uwell Caliburn has 1.4ohm and 1.2ohm pods. This means users can only use standard e-liquids and nic salts with a maximum ratio of 60%VG/40%PG.

Cost Effective

Touching onto the previous point, users of open pod systems can use their pods until the coil burns out. On the other hand, the pre-filled pods with closed pod systems have a maximum capacity of 2ml and cannot be re-used after they run dry, even if the coil within it is perfectly fine.

Drawbacks of Open Pod Systems


Open pod systems that require coil changes tend to leak more than Closed Pod Systems because of the slot required to insert and remove coils. However, some manufacturers, like Aspire, have managed to overcome this problem by designing their pods so that the coil must be inserted from the top.

Complications for New Users

Experienced vapers may not have a problem with pod systems that require coil changes. However, new users, especially those who are being forced to switch to vaping may find the whole coil changing system annoying and frustrating at first.

Benefits of Closed Pod Systems

Ease of Use

Closed Pod Systems are simple and easy to use, making them more user friendly. People simply need to connect their pod and start vaping. Most closed pod systems do not even require users to press any buttons and are normally draw activated.

Less Technical Requirements

Closed pod systems are rarely cross compatible with other pods and users do not need to worry about getting the correct e-liquid for their pods. For example, the My Blu pod system is only officially compatible with the My Blu Pods. You cannot buy and fit the JUUL pods on it.

Drawbacks of Closed Pod Systems


Closed Pod Systems are restricted to flavours. They do generally include the generic flavours like menthol and tobacco so if you only vape these flavours, it will not be an issue. However, users who want to try all different flavours will not be able to. Furthermore, some closed pod systems only use nic salts. This is great for most users but if you are the unlucky one who finds the acidic nature of nic salts irritating, then you will not be able to change back to freebase nicotine.


Closed pod systems can be more costly than open pod systems when it come to e-liquid top up. Please see our example below:

  • Cost of Juul Pods: £9.99
  • Total Juul Pods Per Pack: 4
  • Capacity Per Pod: 7ml
  • Total Capacity:8ml

Some users would be able to vape all this in one day. So, your average cost of operating this closed pod system would be roughly £10.00 per day. Not a real saving compared to the cost of cigarettes.

Open Pod systems can be significantly cheaper. For example, say you have the Uwell Caliburn Pod System and you use Vampire Vape Nic Salts.

  • Cost of E-Liquid: £10.00 for 4 bottles
  • Individual Bottle Capacity: 10ml
  • Total E-Liquid: 40ml
  • Cost of Caliburn Pods: £11.99 for a pack of pods (4 Pods Per Pack)

The average user will go through 4 bottles in a week and replace a pod every 2 weeks.

  • Weekly E -Liquid Cost = £10.00
  • Weekly Cost of Individual Pods: £1.50
  • Total Weekly Cost = £11.50

As you can see above, the weekly cost of open pod systems is significantly cheaper than closed pod systems.


Open pod systems and closed pod systems both have a place in the market for vape devices. Closed pod systems tend to be slightly cheaper to get started with, so it is a good way for new users to see if vaping is for them. If users find that it is working, then it maybe worth them upgrading to an open pod system. However, if users are happy with the flavours of a certain closed pod system and are not really fussed by the cost savings, then there maybe no reason for them to even upgrade to an open pod system. The choice between the two can be very subjective and based on the individual users’ preferences.

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